Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Opening Post

Hello lovelies,

I did it! I decided to create a blog to supplement my My Instagram Profile. If you're already following me, you can use this to search for specific recipes or exercises. If you're new, well hello and welcome! I created my instagram in hopes to motivate and inspire people to learn how to lead a healthy and vibrant life. My story is quite common: average girl trying her whole life to get that "perfect" body that our society has created. In order to do so I've just about tried it all: cutting carbs, hours and hours of cardio, juice fasts, specific diet plans, eating everything labeled as "diet" or "low fat" or "no sugar added". The end result was always the same. I'd lose weight fast, I'd feel deprived and as soon as the diet was up or I lost some weight I'd immediately start eating everything I could find due to having felt deprived. As I entered my first year of college I decided this had to stop.

During one of my many instagram searches I stumbled upon a few profiles that referred to "clean eating", which they described as a lifestyle and not a diet. As I spent more and more time researching it I started to understand it and truly fell in love with "clean eating". In a nutshell it's eating whole and natural food, while cutting out all the processed junk that we have all gotten so accustomed to. I stopped doing endless hours of cardio and instead did high intensity cardio and started lifting heavy weights. My body started transforming in ways I could never imagine. But the most fascinating thing was that I suddenly started feeling ALIVE. And I mean really alive, I suddenly had tons of energy and looked forward to intense workouts. Food became fuel and the idea that "diet" or "healthy" food was boring quickly became extinct in my mind. I finally starting living life and stopped obsessing over having the perfect body.

Long story short, I created this blog to help other people as they follow me on my journey. I am not perfect, I am still human. I struggle and I make mistakes. The important thing is that you always get back up. Keep your head high and always try again.

On this blog I will post healthy and clean recipes, various exercises and anything fitness or health related that I find interesting in order to help others achieve their goals. It's a learning process and we're all in it together. So enjoy and feel free to always ask if you have any questions!