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A list of a few articles that I find helpful as I surf the internet for helpful information. As I've already stated, I am not a nutritionist or a personal trainer. At least not yet, maybe someday! 

But for now I think it's helpful to look up info and understand what various things are in the fitness world so I am well informed and update. If interested feel free to take a look. These are not written by me which is why I provide direct links for your enjoyment. 

Supplements: BCAAS, Creatine, Protein etc

Branched Chained Amino Acids - BCAAS
I personally have no experience with BCAAS, but I might start incorporating them. It seems that they're primary purpose is to increase muscle synthesis and improve lean mass as well as endurance. For now I think I am content with Whey Protein Powder, but as I venture on in this journey I might start experimenting with BCAAS. If I do I will do a review and let you guys know!


I am not advising any particular brand of creatine through this photo.

I personally have tried some of my boyfriend's creatine here and there before some P90X workouts and didn't really notice a difference. However, I was not taking it regularly so that definitely affected my results. My boyfriend tried creatine regularly and claims it helped. His arms gained some visible muscle mass as well. He also reported that he was able to perform more reps of heavier weights than before. If you're serious about gaining muscle mass and improving your personal records creatine might be something to consider. It works by drawing water to your muscles, which increases protein synthesis. Hence, you quickly put on mass. If you use the energy boost from it to go push it to the limit in the gym, then creatine will help. However, if you simply take it and then skip the gym, it will not do anything. I personally am not in a place where I feel that I need to take or want to take creatine. but everyone is in a different place and maybe for you this is what you've been looking to add to your supplement routine!

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